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Zomato: TVS ties up with food delivery company to revolutionize delivery

As time progresses, the number of vehicles on the roads of India is increasing by leaps and bounds. And as the movement of cars and horses on the road is increasing, the level of environmental pollution is also increasing. As a result, environmentalists are alarmed. Meanwhile, the growth of food delivery companies with the spread of the Internet is worth seeing. Experts are also concerned about the increase in the number of petrol-powered two-wheelers used for food collection and delivery. So as a step to reduce environmental pollution, Zomato, one of the worst app-based food delivery companies, has announced a tie-up with leading two-wheeler manufacturer TVS.

TVS Motor and Zomato tied the knot

As per the terms of the agreement, TVS will deploy 10,000 electric scooters on the roads over the next two years. These will be used by Zomato for their food delivery. As a result, it will be possible to reduce the level of environmental pollution. Again the battery powered scooters used in Zomato will be serviced from TVS charging stations.

Rinshul Chandra, Zomato’s Chief Operations Officer said, “We are committed to 100% electric vehicles by 2030. We are the first food delivery platform to join Climate Group’s EV100 campaign. We have joined hands with over 50 companies to onboard 100,000 electric vehicle-based partners over the next two years.”

The agreement between Zomato and TVS Motor Company mentions six strategic areas. Four of which are – Product, Charging Ecosystem, Sustainability Target and Digital Integration. Incidentally, TVS has sold more than 1 lakh electric scooters in the Indian market since 2020.



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