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Problems and benefits! Strange feature found in Google Pixel smartphone

Google Pixel 7a was launched last May. This phone has many excellent specifications and features. All the specifications of Pixel 7a have been revealed by the company. But now a special feature of the smartphone has been found. A user shared a post on social media informing about it. He said Google may have added a feature to the Pixel 7a that automatically reduces the screen refresh rate when the phone is exposed to bright sunlight.

That user described how the Pixel 7a automatically adjusts the display’s refresh rate in bright sunlight and shade, and he says the company used this feature on purpose. However, users who want to use the Pixel 7a’s maximum refresh rate all the time will need to enable a specific hidden setting on the phone. Let’s get to know this in detail.

The Pixel 7a automatically lowers the refresh rate in sunlight

A Reddit user claimed that the Pixel 7a’s screen refresh rate dropped from 90Hz to 60Hz when the phone was used in bright sunlight. And when the device is brought back to a place without sunlight, the maximum refresh rate automatically reaches the maximum limit. According to many it is not due to thermal throttling. Incidentally, thermal throttling is a mechanism for reducing CPU speed when the processor temperature is too high.

Not all users will like this feature. So for users who want to disable this feature on their Pixel 7a and lock the smartphone’s display to a 90Hz refresh rate at all times, there is a way. A Pixel 7a user shared the solution in the comments of the Reddit post. For this, enable the hidden developer options menu by tapping Settings > About phone > Build number.

After enabling it, users can open the Settings app and tap on Developer Options > Force Peak Refresh Rate to permanently set the display’s refresh rate to 90 Hz. However, it’s worth noting that enabling this feature can drain the battery faster, as the smartphone will no longer optimize the refresh rate for improved battery life.



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