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Xiaomi Under display camera smartphone revealed, all set to launch in 2021

Xiaomi Under display camera smartphone has been revealed by Xiaomi President, Shou Zi Chew. This is the third-generation under-display camera technology that is all set to launch in one of the Xiaomi’s 2021 smartphones. According to the company, It is mainly designed to hide the selfie camera under the phone’s display without any notch or cutout.

Xiaomi Under display camera smartphone
Xiaomi Under Display Camera Smartphone

The Chinese smartphone manufacturer uses a proprietary pixel arrangement which allows the screen to pass light through the gap area of subpixels in their third-generation under-display camera technology. It helps pixel on the display retain a complete RGB subpixel layout, without sacrificing pixel density. When the user turned on their selfie camera, the display based on the in-house technology can disable pixels which covering the image sensor to capture images just like a normal camera.

Additionally, Xiaomi has used a special circuit design on its third-generation under-display camera technology to keep various internal components under the RGB subpixels and increase the light transmittance of the under-screen camera area. The company has also evolved a new camera algorithm to make sure clear photography experience. It is believed to match the imaging performance of conventional selfie cameras.

under display camera technology

Xiaomi President Shou Zi Chew posted a demo video on its official Twitter account. The demonstration video showcasing the Xiaomi’s third-generation under-display camera technology in a Xiaomi Under Display Camera Smartphone.

Xiaomi also said their third-generation under-display camera technology has improved full-screen effect that would finally help to move on from waterdrop-style notches and hole-punch designs and possible edge-to-edge viewing experience on smartphones.

Moreover, Xiaomi is not the only company that introduced under-display cameras technology. Recently, ZTE announced its Axon A20 5G smartphone with similar technology which is scheduled to be launch on 1 September in China. However, what are your views on Xiaomi Under Display Camera Smartphone tell me in the comment section?

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