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Noise will be payment from smartwatch, no need for phone or card, Airtel has come up with a great offer

Airtel Payments Bank Watch: As time progresses, online payment services are replacing cash transactions and becoming a normal part of human life. And because of this, the medium is constantly getting upgraded – changing its services. Airtel Payments Bank, Mastercard and accessories maker Noise have teamed up to bring a new way of payment to the present. These three companies have jointly introduced a way to make payments through smartwatches – a new (read special smartwatch) launched today under the branding of Noise. From now on, you won't even need to pull out your phone to make cashless payments, instead. You can easily operate Airtel Payments Bank with a tap on your wrist.The good thing is that the smartwatch is also affordable – just Rs 2,999.

How to buy the new Noise smartwatch with payment features?

Currently, existing customers of Airtel Payments Bank can purchase the smartwatch made by the Noize company from the Airtel Thanks app. New customers will also be able to digitally open a bank account on the app and order the watch instantly. It only takes a minute to activate the watch through this app and then the payment can be started by tapping on it. Note that payments can be made from Rs 1 to Rs 25,000 per day using this smartwatch.

These features will also be found in the new Noise smartwatch

The new smartwatch by Noise not only offers payment convenience, but also offers health, fitness and productivity features like no other accessory in the market. It features a 1.85-inch circular dial. Again, this smartwatch will have features such as Bluetooth calling, long-lasting battery, multiple sports modes, stress monitoring, SpO2 monitoring etc.

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Meanwhile, being powered by MasterCard's network, the watch will facilitate seamless contactless payments at various outlets and terminals, enhancing lifestyles. So if you want to get many benefits on your wrist and currently plan to buy a smartwatch, this new model of Noise can be a good option.

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Speaking about the launch, Airtel Payments Bank COO Ganesh Ananthanarayanan termed this smartwatch as a 'revolution'. On the other hand, Amit Khatri, co-founder of Noize, and Gautam Aggarwal, division president of MasterCard, spoke about the importance of contactless technology and making payments easier for users.

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