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WhatsApp's Monsoon Gift, a fun feature for group chats

Good news for WhatsApp users. The company has introduced a great feature for group chats. This feature will make group chatting more fun than ever. Wabtinfo has given information on this new feature of WhatsApp. WhatsApp's feature tracker site had earlier reported that the Android WhatsApp Bit version has brought the event feature for community chats. With this feature, community members can create and manage activities within group chats. This feature initially came for the community, but now WhatsApp has launched it for general group chats as well.

Screenshot posted by webinfo

WhatsApp's new feature will make users' group chatting experience better than ever. Wabtinfo also shared a screenshot of this new feature of WhatsApp.

In this screenshot you can see the new event feature in WhatsApp group chat. With this you can create events in group chats. You can enter event name, description, date and location etc.

The new feature comes with end-to-end encryption

Once an event is created, community members can view and participate in the event. Note that the creator can update various information about the event later.

WhatsApp has also taken full care of the security of users in this new feature. WhatsApp has also added end-to-end encryption for this. This means that only members of the group will be able to see event information.

Mayank Gupta
Mayank Gupta
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