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Free Fire Max Gamers Get Golden Chance To Win Gold, New Event Launched – TechGup

The popular battle royale game 'Free Fire Max' brings new updates frequently to provide the best gaming experience to the players. Events are also organized. For example, on the occasion of the 7th anniversary, the developer company Garena International has come up with a special event. Which will be live for about two weeks. Players can win free gold and bundle rewards by participating in this event. Garena is even offering an opportunity to win an Animospeeder bundle. However, just participating in the event won't win the prize. In-game missions to be completed. Only then the token will be given. Which can be redeemed to get various rewards. Today in this report we will tell you how to participate in the event and how many Seal Tokens are needed to get any rewards.

Garena Free Fire Max gamers can win these rewards by earning Seal Tokens

  • A total of 50 Seal Tokens must be earned to win 1000x Gold.
  • Win 100 Seal Tokens to grab a free 5x Random Loadout Loot Crate.
  • You will be asked for 150 Seal Tokens to get the 7th Anniversary Pin.
  • By redeeming 200 Seal Tokens you can win Animo Face Paint as a reward.
  • If you want to own the entire bundle for free, it will cost 250 seal tokens.

Again, you have to complete in-game missions to win Seal Tokens. Only then the token will be given. If you don't know how to participate in the mission, follow the steps given below.

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How to win Tokens or Prizes in Free Fire Max Game:

  • First you need to download the latest version of the free fire game.
  • Then open the gaming application.
  • Now go to Events section and tap on 7th Anniversary or Anniversary section.
  • Then tap on enter button. Doing so will open a new page.
  • Here you will see an option that says 'Chapter 1', choose it. After that you can participate in the mission.
  • Finally completing the missions earns you tokens, which can be redeemed to claim other rewards including gold.
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