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WhatsApp users can now share files without internet

Nowadays, people's lives are trapped in their phones. Because this device is a means of communication, a companion for spending leisure time and even the key to any problem. However, if the beloved mobile does not have an Internet connection, the device is no more useful than a land telephone or a calculator. Because from sending urgent assignments to the college-office to sharing/uploading any type of file, the phone must have internet. If the internet connection goes down even for an hour, all our work will be stuck. In this regard, the popular instant messaging platform WhatsApp is currently working on a feature that will allow sharing of all types of files and content without an internet connection. If this news is true, then the users of the said platform will benefit greatly!

According to a latest report by WhatsApp's feature development tracker site WABetaInfo, the Meta-owned instant messaging app will soon introduce a feature that will allow users to share files, photos, videos, music tracks, documents, etc. in offline mode. The report also claims that shared files will be encrypted to protect users' personal data.

A screenshot of a latest version of WhatsApp for Android has also been leaked on Halfil. Where WhatsApp will ask for device permission to enable file or content sharing feature in offline mode. For example –

WhatsApp Beta Not Download Documents

To use the offline file sharing feature, WhatsApp will first ask permission to enable the existing 'Find Nearby Devices' option on the mobile. Note, this is a standard system permission on Android devices that allows scanning of nearby devices via Bluetooth for in-system or local file sharing. Users can disable this option whenever they want.

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The instant messaging platform will also ask permission to access the phone's system files and photo gallery along with the 'Find Nearby Devices' option.

Location permission will also be required to access upcoming features. To enable offline file sharing by connecting to specific devices.

It will also do things like masking WhatsApp, phone numbers and encrypting shared files. So that the offline file/content sharing process can be handled safely and securely

Apparently, this upcoming feature of WhatsApp will work very similar to file sharing apps like ShareIT. This type of app allows users to share files between multiple devices without a cellular or Wi-Fi connection However, WhatsApp has not yet announced when the offline file sharing feature will be available to the public. But since it is already in beta testing, we expect it to be launched soon.

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Mayank Gupta
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