Home News Gadgets iPhone will be like Android smartphones? What does Apple think?

iPhone will be like Android smartphones? What does Apple think?

iPhone will be like Android smartphones?  What does Apple think?

Will the iPhone (iPhone) become an Android phone? This is what Apple is complaining about. In fact, the US Department of Justice (DoJ) recently filed a case against the tech giant. Where Apple is accused of illegally monopolizing the regional smartphone market. The DoJ claims that the company is distorting competition by restricting access to its software and hardware, as well as creating its own ecosystem. And only after this allegation came to light, doubts were raised in Tim Cook’s company.

The DoJ questioned the functionality of the iMessage application and its ability to offer inter-connections between Apple products such as the iPhone and Watch. It has also been alleged that this behavior of the tech giant is not making it possible to develop a competitive free smartphone market.

In response to this complaint, Apple officials said that the US government wants to turn the iPhone into Android. And so the case was dismissed on the basis of such “wrong facts and law”. The company further commented that, “For this case, the principles that we have followed till now to bring Apple products to the competitive market of the country and the uniqueness that they have been able to achieve after they are marketed are being undermined. If the DoJ succeeds in their objectives, we will be prevented from creating the kind of technology, hardware, software and services that people expect from Apple.”

While dismissing all of Apple’s claims, the Department of Justice has clarified that Apple is blocking innovative apps, reducing the functionality of non-Apple smartwatches, restricting third-party digital wallet apps and blocking cross-platform messaging. . And all these reasons “have created a difficult situation for both Apple, their device users and other developer companies. Because users cannot go outside the organization’s eco-system. As a result, they are forced to buy expensive devices. Where other brands offer affordable products but are not gaining market space,” claimed the US Attorney General.

That is, it is not difficult to understand that one of the goals of this case is to change the rules of Apple’s operational protocol. So that Apple can’t just promote their own App Store or use private APIs, preventing the promotion of cross-platform technology.


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