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WhatsApp changed shape again! Users confused by the new color of the app after the update, why?

WhatsApp surprised thousands of users again as the month rolled by. Since late last year, the instant messaging platform has been looking at changing its look – sometimes with its tab switch bar moving to the bottom of the screen, and sometimes with a select few (Android beta) users seeing a premium white theme instead of the app’s traditional green-white color theme. But recently Meta-owned WhatsApp has again changed the color scheme of its app, instead of which many are now seeing a vibrant green color. Trouble is, most of the WhatsApp users are quite confused by this change, many are annoyed by the new vibrant theme after logging into the app again and have complained about it on various social media platforms. Now if you are wondering that the green theme was already in WhatsApp, then what else has changed, then read the whole thing.

WhatsApp has rolled out an update for premium users

This recent change in WhatsApp has primarily been noticed by iOS users. Because, the company has introduced green theme for all iOS devices. Apart from the new theme, users will also see some changes in the app’s icons and buttons. But this is nothing new for Android users, who are already used to WhatsApp’s green theme – although white has been seen as the app’s theme in Android beta for several months.

Also, due to the new update, Android users will see a slight change in the color tone. Dark mode, light mode – the company will improve the color scheme in both cases. Similarly, like the beta version, WhatsApp will bring the tabs inside the app from top to bottom, so that users can navigate through the tabs easier than before.

Why is WhatsApp bringing this change?

According to reports, WhatsApp is said to be changing the theme or color to improve the visual experience of its users. Actually Meta wants to provide a modern interface by default with this theme. Simply put, all WhatsApp users will have to get used to using the app with new themes in the coming days.



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