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Want to keep the old car like new? If you do these 5 things regularly, there will be no more worries

The newly-independent country saw the legendary Bengali writer Subodh Ghosh’s “Ayantri” story by the iconic Indian director Ritvik Ghatak. The story revolves around Awarti Bimal and his century old taxi “Jagaddal”. The owner’s love for his car is revealed in that movie. Although not the silver screen, many people want to keep their old vehicle for a long time. If you go to the garage of many such houses, you can still see that old four-wheeled member of their family. As sales of modern four-wheelers have increased in the 21st century, so has the appeal of vintage models. A variety of modern logistics are available nowadays to maintain such older models.

If you want to use your old car for several years to come and hope to get enough mileage out of it, it needs a lot of care. If you don’t regularly maintain your old car, you may face major repairs or breakdowns. So let’s take a quick look at some of these tips.

Some simple tips to keep your old car looking new-

Taking care of the braking system

The braking system is the most basic safety system in a vehicle. As the vehicle ages, in many cases problems are seen in this braking system. That is why it is imperative to take care of the braking system parts including brake pads, brake fluid, brake pistons and other parts of your car and your safety from time to time. If the brake pad appears to be excessively worn, it must be replaced. The same applies to brake fluid. If the brake fluid leaks for any reason, it should be repaired as soon as possible.

Check tire condition

As we humans have been conquering the world on two legs in vehicles, but its wheels actually act as legs. And unfortunately the car-horse tire remains the most overlooked. The more a car is used, the greater the friction between the wheels and the road, so the tire wears out. As a result, the gripping ability of the tire decreases. Therefore, such old tires must be replaced. However, it is best to avoid the cheap tires available at the local store when changing tires. It is also mandatory to have the air pressure in the tire as per the company’s manual.

Caring for the steering wheel system

Older models often have problems turning the steering wheel. As a result, a lot of pressure is also felt on the front tires of the car. To solve this problem, the steering fluid needs to be changed regularly and the suspension system needs to be checked periodically by a qualified person. As a result, the car steering wheel will be able to function properly.

Caring for windshield wipers

It is easy to imagine how much of a problem it can be if the front view is not clear while driving. This is the reason behind most of the accidents. In order to keep this large glass in front of the car properly clean, the windshield wiper must work properly. Prolonged abuse wears down the rubber parts on the front of these wipers. In that case, replace the old one with a new wiper. The thing is very small but its role is very big.

Check the fuel line

Although modern day fuel line setups are fitted in cars, several years old models still use archaic methods of the time. So many times due to lack of proper maintenance this fuel line can crack and leak fuel from there. Even in some cases accidents like fire have been seen from it. So take this issue seriously. Fuel filter must be changed after driving above specified distance.



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