Home News Games Check out the top 4 strategies to win close range fights in Garena Free Fire Max game

Check out the top 4 strategies to win close range fights in Garena Free Fire Max game

Check out the top 4 strategies to win close range fights in Garena Free Fire Max game

The mobile battle royale game named Garena Free Fire Max has gained immense popularity in the past three years. Mainly its attractive interface, attractive in-game items, various weapons, atmosphere etc. are responsible for this popularity. Please note that players need multiple items including Diamonds (currency) to level up in the game. But it would be wrong to think that it is possible to go to a higher level only with these. Because despite the abundance of Diamonds and multiple premium items in the Garena Free Fire Max game, if the players are not good at making strategies or do not have the immediate knowledge of countering the opponent according to the situation, then it will be difficult. That’s why many players can’t win the Close Range Fight of Free Fire Max.

As in this mobile battle royale game one of the main goals of opponents is to score maximum points as soon as possible. Because of this, you will have very little time to strategize to win the fight. But there are 4 best ways to win a close range fight easily in less time, which are discussed in this report.

4 Best Ways to Win Close Range Fight in Garena Free Fire Max Game

1) Kill the opponent by rotating:

Confirm the opponent’s position first. Then open the map and discuss with your teammates from which direction they can be attacked. Next, identify the opponents one by one and order your entire team to surround them. Now use the rotation feature to knock them down. Doing so will knock the opponent down or shoot them outright.

2) Use Smoke Grenades:

There are multiple ways to attack an opponent from a distance. But attacking the enemy from close range can present several problems. Sometimes the situation is such that you yourself may get caught in the enemy’s trap. Don’t forget to stay in the open. And if you have, use the smoke grenade. This will give you time to take the next step. At the same time, the opponent will not be able to identify your location even for a while.

3) Use Shotgun:

In Garena Free Fire Max game, another way to win battles from close range of opponents is to attack with guns. But choosing the right gun for this is a very important task. In this case, shotguns may be the best option for shooting at short ranges. You can knock your opponent out of the game with just one or two shots.

4) Do not stand still for long while shooting:

One thing should always be kept in mind while fighting at close range in Free Fire Max game. Never settle in one place. Always be on the move. Because if you stay in one place, the opponent will be able to target you easily. As a result, you will not be able to survive in the game for long.

Many famous players have ensured their victory by following the methods mentioned above. So if you want you can also check out these innovative ways to progress in Free Fire Max game.


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