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The police cut a challan of 1 million rupees for breaking the traffic law!

The administration of various countries has implemented various traffic laws to bind the vehicle drivers on the roads. The Motor Vehicles Act also exists in our country. However, the traffic laws in many countries of the world are much stricter than India. One of which is Finland. The country has severe penalties for violating traffic laws. Recently, the whole world saw such an incident.

The police collected a fine of Rs 1 crore for the crime of speeding

The Finnish police fined a businessman about 1.06 crore rupees in Indian currency for violating traffic laws. A 76-year-old millionaire businessman named Anders Wykloff committed a serious crime with a car on the road a few days ago. He was accused of driving 30 km per hour more than the speed limit for safe driving on the country’s roads. That is why he has to pay this huge fine.

In fact, according to Finnish rules, fines for traffic violators are determined based on the person’s income. Also the penalty is fixed depending on the seriousness of the offence. That is why the person named Anders Wickloff has faced a fine of crores of rupees.

Wycliffe issued a statement acknowledging his own mistakes. He said, “I am sorry for this incident. I just started slowing down the car but it was not possible that fast.” He claimed that the penalty was equal to his 14 days’ income. He will be happy if the government uses this money for good purposes.

Incidentally, the fines in Finland’s traffic laws are determined on several factors. The first of these, of course, depends on the seriousness of the crime, but the amount of the fine depends considerably on the daily income of the offender. Moreover, a certain amount is predetermined for violating traffic laws.



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