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Telegram premium service can be used for free, the terms are controversial

The use of instant messaging platform Telegram continues to grow. This messaging app by Pavel Durov claimed to provide free services to users from the very beginning. That’s probably why this platform kept crossing milestones one after another. However, a few months ago, the company signaled a major change by introducing a premium version of Telegram. Because, both Android and iOS users had to spend money under this service. However, recent reports have revealed that users will no longer have to pay any fees to use the premium version of Telegram.

However, this offer is currently only available for Android users. iPhone does not allow any feature that actually harms the user. But what are the things that can cause user problems? Let’s know about it in detail.

In the new offer, Android users can get Telegram’s premium services for free. However, it is believed that this may cause several problems. Because, to accept this offer users are asked to provide their phone number, which will be used to send one time password i.e. OTP to users.

While initially this may not seem like a problem, on closer inspection the issue of giving phone numbers is quite worrisome. Because the essence of this offer is that users have to provide their phone number in exchange for this service. And providing the phone number may compromise the user’s privacy and security. Because your number can be used to sign-up other users. So even though Telegram’s premium service is available in exchange for phone number, it is better to avoid using such service.



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