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Tata is bringing back nostalgia, the mileage of this iconic car will make your eyes roll

Sierra is a very popular name not only for Tata Motors, but also in the world of passenger vehicles in India. Many people still find nostalgia in the Sierra name today. So Tata wants to bring the car back to the market to fulfill this unquenchable desire of the buyers. The Sierra EV was showcased at the 2023 Auto Expo. But Tata has not revealed the range of the car. In this report we will know more about Tata Sierra EV.

Tata Sierra EV : range

Tata did not reveal the specifications of the car at the Auto Expo. Presumably, it will come based on the ground-up EV platform. It can be equipped with a battery pack that provides more range. 500+ ranges may be offered to stay competitive in the market. It is believed that the amount may even reach 600-700 km.

Tata Sierra EV : Design

This year’s concept model is slightly different from the previous Sierra concept model. It has designs similar to Harrier and Safari. Wide DRL strips along the bonnet. The overall front has a boxy and aggressive look. The sides have large glass area and dual tone finish. The interior is sleek in design with a clean dashboard layout.

Tata Sierra EV : Duration of launch

Tata is yet to open up about its Sierra EV launch. Tata has already registered the name of the car on its website. So the launch of the car is not to be said anymore. But judging by everything, it is unlikely that it will come to the market before the second half of 2025.



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