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Sports bikes are past, now KTM is going to launch a scooter, will have touchscreen and LED lights

Premium motorcycle maker KTM is unwilling to be left behind as the electric two-wheeler grows in popularity. They caught their first electric scooter testing on the streets of Europe. As can be seen from the picture, the scooter is in the early stages of development. Some of its parts are manufactured by 3D printers. The design craftsmanship is quite evident as the prototype model is covered with camouflage in small areas.

KTM is bringing electric scooters

KTM’s first electric scooter features the company’s signature design. Like most e-scooters available in the market, the battery pack is located under the floorboard. Handling will be easier due to low center of gravity. An aluminum plate is attached to the swingarm made of aluminum. Which is probably provided to keep the electric motor cool.

Other notable features of KTM’s electric scooter are flat single seat, disc brakes on both wheels, alloy wheels, large windscreen, LED lights and digital instrument cluster. In terms of performance, it may be powered by an 8 kW electric motor, jointly developed by Bajaj and KTM.

Incidentally, speculations are rife that Bajaj may bring a KTM model based on the same platform as the Chetak electric scooter. But its motor will be relatively small. Recently, Bajaj and KTM jointly developed an electric vehicle platform. It is expected that KTM may showcase this scooter at the Milan Motorcycle Show or EICMA this year. It may be launched in 2025. It can be manufactured in Bajaj factory.



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