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Send file from WhatsApp like this without saving mobile number

Currently, the number of people who do not use WhatsApp is negligible. Be it digital chat with friends or keeping in touch with family and office colleagues, this instant messaging app is our constant companion. In this regard, this platform owned by Meta has brought several new features so that users can continue chatting comfortably. Like earlier it was not possible to chat on WhatsApp without saving an unknown number. But now you can share photos or documents from WhatsApp without saving any number on the device This is discussed below

How to share file on WhatsApp without saving number?

With WhatsApp being widely used these days, almost everyone prefers to share documents through this platform. Even visiting a photo studio or printing shop, they ask to send photos or documents through this app. In this case, the number to which the document is sent may not be useful in the future.

But if the number is not saved, it is not possible to chat. Many people delete the number after saving it again. Although most of the time many people forget. As a result, the contact section of the device gets flooded with such unwanted numbers. Which later causes headaches. That's why WhatsApp now provides the facility to share content with chatting without saving the number. The steps are discussed below –

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1. First open WhatsApp.

WhatsApp New Features

2. Now if you have an iPhone, tap on the '+' icon at the top of the screen. And if it's an Android phone, you'll find this icon at the bottom left.

3. Then enter the contact number in the search bar. Or you can copy and paste the number in the search bar.

4. Next, tap on the Search button. Now you will see the number in the search result.

5. Now you can chat or send documents by tapping on the number.

Mayank Gupta
Mayank Gupta
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