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Samsung market magic TV! Glass will appear across the screen, know the details

Not only smartphones, Samsung’s other electronics products or home appliances are also very popular and in demand in various markets around the world including India. Even this South Korean tech company is number one in the world in terms of making excellent displays, the display or screen made by Samsung is used in Apple iPhone. In that case, now means that the brand has come up with a large-sized TV lineup at the beginning of the new year, which is nothing short of magic or wonder. It’s good to say, it will make many technology-based movie scenes seem real! Because, these TV screens are see-through – they come with a transparent design. In this regard, Samsung said that the screen of the new TV series is so ‘transparent’ due to the high-pixel density!

Samsung has launched four transparent TVs at once

Samsung, recently launched the world’s first transparent micro-LED TV lineup at the Consumer Electronics Show 2024 (CES- 2024) event, which comes with transparent display panels. As a result everything around can be seen through the screen of these TVs, in fact the TVs will look like glass when they are turned off. Note that under the company’s new lineup, four new TVs of 76-inch, 89-inch, 101-inch and 11-inch screen sizes have arrived, which are manufactured through a special process. Micro-LED chips are placed inside the glass of these devices, making the TV look like a piece of glass. Moreover, TVs are extremely thin and are about 1 cm thick. As a result, playing content on them feels like the screen is floating on air.

In this regard, Samsung said that users of these new TVs can combine multiple TV screens to create a very large transparent display. This will enable them to use them by adjusting the aspect ratio, size or screen size according to their needs and preferences. For example, such TV screens can easily be used for everything from showing scores in sports stadiums to displaying advertisements in malls.

What is Micro LED?

If you haven’t heard of micro-LEDs before, just to let you know, this technology uses millions of tiny LEDs to create an image on the screen. And each LED can set its own brightness and color, so they don’t need a backlight like older LED or OLED displays. Yet they provide clear images from all angles.

Rishabh Garg
Rishabh Garg
Rishabh writes about the latest technology news for Naxon Tech


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