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Mi Eco-Active T-Shirt launched in India, made from 12 recycled PET bottles 

Mi Eco-Active T-Shirt has been launched in India. It is made from recycled materials which have been taken from different regions of the Indian subcontinent. The company said that Mi Eco-Active T-Shirt will be a great choice for fitness lovers.

Mi Eco-Active T-Shirt

Mi Eco-Active T-Shirt Features

The Chinese company’s new product isn’t a smartphone or any smart gadget but this time it’s a T-Shirt. Xiaomi introduced the Mi Eco-Active T-Shirt which is made up of 12 recycled PET bottles. Even though it is manufactured from using such recycled materials, The company claims that the T-shirt comes in a breathable fabric that is skin-friendly and sweat-absorbent.

The company claims that each yarn used in making of Mi Eco-Active T-Shirt consumes only 10 litres of water for recycling one kilogram of plastic yarn whereas the same amount of yarn of cotton consumes 23,000 litres of water. Moreover, It also saves up to 70 per cent of carbon emission in the process as compared to regular cotton T-shirts. Furthermore, these T-Shirts can be recycled as well.

Xiaomi mainly targeting the fitness enthusiasts demographic in India with its Eco-Active Tshirt. Mi India Chief Business Officer Raghu Reddy said: “At Mi India, we are cognizant of our responsibility towards the environment and realize the need for an eco-friendly lifestyle. We have actively worked towards creating merchandise that not only offers optimal breathability but is ingeniously designed to reduce waste by using discarded PET bottles to manufacture the T-Shirts that can be further recycled too.”

The T-Shirt comes in a single colour option – white and carries a price tag of Rs.999. It is available on what are your thoughts about Mi Eco-Active Tshirt? Let me know in the comment section.

Source: Gizmochina

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