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Samsung launches 110 inch MicroLED Smart TV in India, the price can make you lose sleep

Samsung today (2nd August) launched its most luxury smart television model Samsung 110-inch microLED in the Indian market. This TV comes with a large 110-inch display panel. Apart from this, it will get several notable features like – Sound system supported by Dolby Atmos technology and Ambient Mode+. All in all, to buy this television of Samsung branding, buyers have to shell out 1,14,99,000 rupees i.e. 1.14 crore rupees. That means the Samsung 110-inch microLED TV is more expensive than a premium luxury sedan. Speaking of availability, the model in question will be available for purchase from today through the company’s official website (Samsung.com) and select partner retail stores. Let’s take a look at the specifications of the Samsung 110-inch microLED Smart TV…

Specifications of Samsung 110-inch MicroLED Smart TV

The Samsung 110-inch MicroLED Smart TV has been launched with a very attractive, sleek and monolithic design. Due to which no gaps can be seen between the edges of the device. It is primarily brought to those consumers who love to enjoy an immersive and ultra-premium viewing experience. That’s why the South Korea-based tech giant has given this TV a massive 110-inch micro LED display panel. This display – 4K resolution, 120 Hz refresh rate, AI upscaling, and 24.8 million micrometer shaped ultra-small LED lights.

Talking about other features, Samsung 110-inch MicroLED Smart TV comes with Ambient Mode+ feature. This feature enhances the beauty of the home by turning the discussed home entertainment device into an art display wall. Also, talking about the audio department, Samsung has given their new smart television a sound system supported by Dolby Atmos technology, which offers strong and ‘crystal clear’ audio quality.

For the sake of comparison, Samsung has also launched Neo QLED series smart TV with 8K resolution. Their prices start from Rs 3,14,990. The price of the 85-inch display size model supported by 8K resolution under this same lineup has been kept at Tk 12,24,990. And the top-end Smart TV of the Neo QLED series has been priced at Rs 15,74,000.



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