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Samsung 108MP ISOCELL HM3 camera sensor launched

Samsung 108MP ISOCELL HM3 camera sensor has been launched with improvements in clarity, dynamic range, and autofocus performance. The South Korean tech company also introduced a new technology called Super PD Plus which enhanced autofocus stability and Smart ISO Pro for better noise reduction.

Samsung 108MP ISOCELL HM3 camera sensor features

Samsung finally revealed a new 108-megapixel smartphone camera sensor which they called ISOCELL HM3. It is the third generation of Samsung’s ISOCELL HM series. As per the report, ISOCELL HM3 features a 1/1.33-inch sensor that comprises 0.8μm pixels and performs 9-in-1 Nonacell pixel-binning technolgy to deliver pictures of 12-Megapixel size. The new camera sensor adopts Smart ISO Pro which is a high-dynamic-range (HDR) imaging technology that uses an intra-scene dual conversion gain (iDCG) solution.

The ISO Pro technology captures a frame in both high and low ISO and then combines them into a single image in 12-bit color depth and with reduced noise. Also, The HM3 sensor has a low-noise mode that improves the light sensitivity by 50-percent to capture brighter and clearer results in low-light environments than its predecessor.

Additionally, The company has unveiled a new technology which they called Super PD Plus that enhances autofocus stability. The company said, “Super PD Plus adds AF-optimized micro-lenses over the phase-detection focusing agents, increasing measurement accuracy of the agents by 50-percent.” The new technology make sure that moving subjects are always in sharp focus, and provide optimum results in low-light photography as well. The company claims that design of the new sensor have also been optimized to reduce energy consumption under preview mode by 6.5-percent.

According to reports, it is currently in mass production, but there is no confirmation as to which will be the first device to be equipped with a Samsung 108MP ISOCELL HM3 camera sensor



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