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Ola Electric Scooter Fire: Terrible incident, Ola e-scooter caught fire in the middle of the road!

Again the name of Ola Electric scooter is in the headlines. But not for any positive reason. Ola’s e-scooter caught fire again. The terrible video of the fire has spread on the Internet. Where an Ola S1 Air model is seen burning. The black smoke turned into flames in moments. So again and again questions are raised around the safety of Ola electric scooters. Let’s find out what the real story is.

Extreme wetness An Instagram user caught the entire incident of Ola electric scooter catching fire while taking a test ride. Atul was taking a test ride of the Ola S1 Pro somewhere in Kerala after hearing about the performance and comfort of the Ola scooter. At that time this unpleasant incident happened.

As soon as the speed crossed 70 kilometers per hour, Atul stopped accelerating the accelerator with a few flashes. After going some distance, seeing black smoke coming out, he parked the scooter on the side of the road and got off. The amount of smoke keeps increasing. He and the local people informed the fire department. By then, the entire scooter was engulfed in flames. The fire was finally brought under control by the efforts of the fire department personnel. It can be removed after a while.

This is not the first time

Even before this, there have been several incidents of fire in Ola scooters. For example, a few weeks ago in Chhattisgarh, a scooter caught fire in the middle of the night while the charger was connected. The intensity of the fire was so high that two other scooters were gutted along with the two storied house. The residents of the house survived for a while. It does not end here. In December last year, the company’s e-scooter caught fire in Malappuram, Kerala. As a result, a furniture store was burnt down. In October last year too, an Ola electric scooter caught fire in a parking lot in Pune.



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