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Redmi G gaming Laptop ready to make their debut on August 14 in China

Redmi G gaming Laptop ready to make their debut on August 14 in China. The China tech company teases its first-ever gaming laptop on its official Weibo account. Xiaomi has already launched its RedmiBook range of notebooks in 13-, 14-, and 16-inch sizes. The gaming laptop will come in an all-black hue and could feature a 15-inch display with thin bezels on the top as well as left and right sides

Redmi G

Xiaomi teases Redmi G gaming Laptop

Xiaomi posted the teaser of Redmi G laptop on its official Weibo account which unveils some of its launch details. Firstly, The laptop will announce in China at 2 pm CST Asia (11:30 am IST) on August 14. However, the company has not made any statement on its international launch.

Redmi G

According to teaser images, The Redmi G is will come with an enhanced cooling system to spread heat effectively. It has a matte finish in all-black color and large vents to provide enough space for dissipating heat. It is expected that the laptop might have a full-sized keyboard with a large touchpad. Moreover, the teaser shows a headphone jack and a USB port.

The Redmi G isn’t likely to be a thin and lightweight laptop as the Redmibook series. Rather, the teaser reveals a thick chassis that could include high-end graphics for the better gaming experience. Xiaomi already launched a bunch of Redmibook including RedmiBook 14 II, RedmiBook 14 Pro, and RedmiBook 13 Ryzen Edition notebooks and more under its Redmi brand, but the Redmi G will be the company’s first-ever gaming laptop.

Now, the Chinese company wants to target gamers with its gaming laptop. So, it is believed that the device will also have dedicated graphics and a 144Hz display. What are your thoughts on Redmi G laptop, let me know in the comment section.

Source: Gadget 360

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