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Google People cards launched in India, now create your public profile for search engine

Google People cards have been launched in India. Through this new feature, people can easily create their public profiles for search engines. As of now, Google only introduced the people cards feature for only smartphone users that means the user needs to log in to Google Account from their mobile device to create their public profile.

Google People Cards

Google people cards work as a virtual visiting cards-like experience to Google Search, users can also highlight their existing websites or social media profiles identity details to the public. It uses Google’s Knowledge Graph to display information provided by the users. Users need to give their mobile number and also require a Google Account to create their people cards on Google Search.

How to create your own Google people cards

1). Open Google App on your smartphone.
2). Search on Google “Add me to search”.
3). Click on Get started.
4). Sign in to your google account.
5). Fill up all of the mandatory information.
6). Click on Preview.
7). Click on Save.

And Your Google people card created successfully

Google also claims people cards programme is aiming to provide “helpful and reliable information” to the public. Therefore, it offers the option to all users to flag abuse, impersonation, or even low-quality content, if anyone can find anything inappropriate through people cards. The search giant is also confirmed to have a combination of human review and automated techniques in place to flag policy-violating content. Similarly, only one people card is allowed per Google Account to limit fake profiles.

Google Cards

In any case, if enrolled users don’t want to share their profile card on Google can also leave the program. If the people who share the same name, Google Search will show multiple cards. Currently, the people card feature is available in English but it expected that other languages would be added in the future. What are your thoughts on Google People cards, are you make it your own people card or not? Let me know in the comment section.

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