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Rebirth of Tata Nano! Ratan Tata’s dream car’s new form is buzzing netdunia

Tata Nano is still occasionally seen on the roads. Ratan Tata, the then chairman of Tata Motors, brought the cheapest car for the middle class to save from sun, storm and rain. Nano, his ambitious project. Today he is still seen driving around in a Nano car. But Tata was forced to stop the production of Nano due to low sales. However, it is believed that the domestic company is going to revive their old dream this time. Recently, automotive design specialist SRK Designs released images of the Tata Nano Reborn Concept Electric. Which is fanciful, but has intensified the speculation of the launch of an electric version of the wee car in the future.

Concept design of electric version of Tata Nano

The Tata Nano has been seen in a brand new avatar in an image released by SRK Designs. Looking at the design, it is assumed that it is suitable for driving on urban roads. The hatchback model is an electric variant. The concept version is built on the latest and affordable platform.

If the Tata Nano comes in an EV version, it will be brought in keeping in mind the urban dwellers. Being affordable and compact in size, parking will not be a problem even in small spaces. The car will come with new platform and features.

The rest of Tata’s electric car features may also be offered. However, it will have a relatively small motor. It is estimated to run 200 km on a full charge. If the Tata Nano comes in an electric version, it will compete with the MG Comet EV.

Incidentally, Tata Nano appeared in 2008 at a purchase price of Tk 1 lakh. But to reach the sales floor, Tata was forced to stop selling the car in 2018. However, within a short time it became the travel companion of many Indian buyers.



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