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Did you break the signal or drive too fast? See how to submit e-challan in 2 minutes

This world has changed with the change of era. Computers have replaced what used to be piles of paper in various offices. A few years old files are moving in front of the eyes with one click. In such an age, it is not known how easy it is to pay the fine imposed on the traffic violators. Several years ago, to deposit all these fines, one had to travel from one government office to another government office or queue behind many people. Today all that is past. Traffic fines can be submitted from home today by following a few simple steps.

Easy method to submit e-challan online-

Collecting the necessary information

Many times the traffic police stand on the side of the road and hand over the challan to the violators of the traffic rules. Again, by tracking the speeding vehicle number caught by the speed cameras installed on some roads, the e-challan is sent to the owner’s mobile via SMS or email. In the first case, online payment of the invoice will require the invoice number and other important information. And in the second case, all the necessary information is sent to the SMS or email account through an automatic system.

Website login

The next step is to go to the official website of the Department of Motor Vehicles, Government of India. That is – echallan.parivahan.gov.in. Here you can view the e-challan by inputting all the required information at the specified place. It requires invoice number vehicle number, chassis number, engine number etc. Having all this information handy before visiting this website can speed up the entire process.

Verifying e-invoice

The e-challan will be opened only after entering all the above information in the right place on the website. Here the complete information of which day, at which place, at which time you have broken the traffic rules will be shown in detail. Even if CCTV cameras are installed at that place, the pictures of that particular moment will also be attached to this challan. Let’s proceed to the next step after checking everything.

Online payment option

After checking all the details, the next step is to make this payment online. Credit card, debit card, net banking, digital wallet and UPI payment options will be provided to make this payment online. Choose your preferred option and make the invoice payment easily.

Confirmation and invoice download

If the payment through online is successful, you will immediately receive a confirmation message on your mobile and an online receipt for that payment will be shown on the website. Keep a photo of this page in your mobile for future reference. Moreover, it is better to write down the transaction ID and reference number of this payment for future reference. And if you fail to make the online payment for any reason, you have to start the whole process from the beginning again.



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