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Realme Rolls Out Update Disabling Enhanced Intelligent Services on Select Models

Realme takes a stand against unauthorized data collection, rolling out an update to disable enhanced intelligent services. User privacy and security remain a top priority for the smartphone manufacturer.

Realme, a leading smartphone manufacturer, has made headlines due to unauthorized data collection using enhanced intelligent services. In response, the company is now releasing a software update that will disable the setting on select models. This update is already being rolled out automatically to the recently introduced Realme 11 Pro and Realme 11 Pro+ without requiring any user intervention.

Realme Takes Action Against Enhanced Intelligent Services

The software update not only disables the enhanced intelligent services but also modifies the definition, ensuring that Realme will no longer collect call logs and SMS. If you’re curious about why Realme has taken this step, let’s take a look at the events leading up to it.

1. YouTube Video Exposes Realme’s Data Collection Methods

Renowned YouTuber TrakinTech recently posted a video exposing Realme’s data collection practices through its enhanced intelligent services. The video demonstrates how these services, which are enabled by default, collect data under the pretense of enhancing user experience.

2. Twitter Screenshot Raises Concerns

A Twitter user captured a screenshot of the data collection feature and shared it on their profile. Union Minister Rajeev Chandrasekhar noticed the screenshot and directed the appropriate authorities to investigate the matter further.

3. OnePlus and Oppo Join the Controversy

Following Realme’s exposure, other Chinese smartphone makers like OnePlus and Oppo were also found to have enabled similar settings by default and were collecting user data.

4. Brands Issue Official Statements

In response to the escalating issue, Realme released an official statement addressing the data collection accusations. The statement emphasized that all data processed by their service is encrypted and stored securely within the user’s device, adhering to Android’s security mechanisms. Realme clarified that they do not collect any data related to SMS, phone calls, schedules, and other personal information, contrary to previous descriptions.


Realme is taking swift action to address the concerns regarding enhanced intelligent services and data collection. The company’s software update disables the setting on select models and ensures that call logs and SMS are no longer collected. Realme’s response demonstrates its commitment to protecting user privacy and maintaining trust in their products. By promptly addressing the issue and providing clear statements regarding data security, Realme shows its dedication to customer satisfaction and responsible data practices.

Users can now feel confident in the improved privacy measures implemented by Realme through this update. As the smartphone industry continues to evolve, it is crucial for manufacturers to prioritize user privacy and actively respond to concerns to foster a secure digital ecosystem. Realme’s proactive approach sets a positive example for other companies and reinforces the importance of transparency and accountability in the ever-connected world we live in.



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