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OxygenOS 11’s Always-on Display Feature teases by Oneplus CEO pete lau

OxygenOS 11’s Always-on Display Feature teases by Oneplus CEO pete lau on Weibo. According to video, the china tech company associated with teachers and students with Parsons College in the US to build the “Time” theme for its AOD feature. AOD will most likely come to select OnePlus phones with OxygenOS 11 that is said to release soon.

OxygenOS 11

The Weibo post shows up some information related to OnePlus implementation of the AOD feature. It has a “Time” theme that is more of a timeline showing a vertical line straight down the middle of the phone with the current time moving from top to bottom, as the time goes.

Additionally, to minimise the effect on battery life, the number of active pixels at a time has been reduced with this implementation of AOD, according to one of the team members working on this feature.

The video also shows some interesting features that are part of this theme like gaps in the vertical line whenever the phone is used, with the total number of unlocks on the very top. At the very bottom of the screen, some notification icons can be seen.

Lau recently unveiled that the final developer preview build of OxygenOS 11 will be released on August 10 that will be followed by the open beta in the near future. OxygenOS 11 will also be based on Android 11.

Moreover, it was also recently teased that OnePlus phones will get AOD feature with OxygenOS 11. So, it won’t be long until OnePlus users get to experience the AOD feature for the first time, at least for those who opt for the beta version. what are your thoughts on Oxygen OS 11, let me know in the comment section.

Source: Gadget360

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