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Jio starts thinking about 6G, the company’s big claim to the government

Right now Reliance Jio is the leading telecom operator in India. The company is constantly trying to improve their 5G services. Also they are thinking about 6G network. The telco recently countered in a consultation paper titled “Digital Transformation through 5G Ecosystem” that the 6 GHz spectrum is crucial for the rollout of 6G in India. Not only this, 6 GHz spectrum is also required to provide widespread 5G coverage in India.

According to Jio, the government should not license the 6 GHz band for Wi-Fi services only. Incidentally, tech companies have agreed to license the 6 GHz spectrum, so that it can be used to provide WiFi services easily across the country. However, Jio, along with the GSM Association, has claimed that 6 GHz spectrum is currently needed to offer 5G as well.

Currently available mid-bands are not sufficient to provide 5G coverage. Hence, the 6 GHz spectrum can play an important role for this.

Jio said there are some companies that want access to spectrum without a license. And they don’t want to go through the licensing process and pay the market price for the spectrum. Hence licensing process should be followed while allocating spectrum to these parties.

Note that there is already licensed spectrum which is yet to be used in India. And according to the company it should be used first and then its license should be talked about.

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