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Ola Electric Bijlee: The office will be able to manage! Ola got the job on 440 volt charger

Two-wheeler electric car manufacturing company Charpaye employee join! Recently Ola Electric (Ola Electric) has introduced the netizens with a special member named ‘Bijlee’ in their office. The company’s CEO Bhavish Agarwal released the identity card with Bijli’s picture on his Twitter handle. Which is now viral on social media. The word Bijli literally means “electric”. Since Ola Electric Scooter is now the largest e-scooter company in the country, the name has been chosen from that thought.

Bijlee is the new CEO at Ola Electric’s office

Many people praised Bijli’s ID card on Twitter. They gave enough praise to Ola for this work. Bijli’s ID card is written as employee code – 440V i.e. 440 volts. It is actually intended to be the voltage of the electrical system. Bijli’s blood group is written instead – PAW+ve. The card mentions Koramangala office in Bangalore as the address. Which means Bijli is the staff of this office.

Also, this ID card mentions Slack as Bijli’s preferred communication medium. Businesses rely on Slack to share a variety of information. The matter has been added to the ID card as a joke. Finally, the name of Bhavish’s office is written in the place of emergency contact. In other words, if you want to contact Bijli, you have to go to the house of the CEO of the company.

Naturally, many Twitter users expressed their love for Bijli. Most people applauded such a decision by Ola authorities. In a very short time, a flood of likes has accumulated with this post. In the comments of the post, many people have compared the character of Bolt with Ola Electric. All in all, Ola Electric has advanced strategically in popularity.

Incidentally, the sale of their low-cost electric scooter Ola S1 Air has been launched recently. The ex-showroom price has been initially pegged at Tk 1.09 lakh. The company has informed that this price will continue till August 15. Customers will have to spend an additional 10,000 rupees to buy this battery-powered scooter later.

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