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Now bring AC home without buying, monthly rent less than Rs 2000

Nowadays there are many such apps and online platforms, which are providing the facility of AC on rent. However, before taking AC on rent from these platforms, read the terms and conditions properly.


To avoid the scorching heat, the budget to buy an air conditioner is not being made, then there is no need to worry, because nowadays there are many companies which are providing AC on rent. Are. If you buy AC, then you also have to spend on maintenance and servicing, whereas if you live in a rented house, then you have to shift AC. In such a situation, it is more convenient to take AC on rent in many cases, because AC is needed only for a few months of the year. However, before taking AC on rent from these platforms, do read the terms and conditions properly.


Rentomojo is a platform from where you can rent everything from furniture to home appliances. The platforms provide their services across the country, including all major cities, such as Delhi, Mumbai, Noida, Gurgaon, Chennai, Bengaluru, Kolkata, etc. Rentomojo app can be downloaded from both Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Its web version is also available. You can rent an AC from Rentomojo. If you live in Delhi, you can get 1 ton AC from here at a monthly rent of Rs 1859 and inverter air conditioner at a monthly rent of Rs 1939. However, for this you also have to pay a deposit, which is returned once the rental period is over. Apart from this, installation charges also have to be paid. You also need to keep in mind that the rent depends on the period for which the AC is hired.
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Now bring AC home without buying, monthly rent less than Rs 2000


CityFurnish is one of the best rental services for furniture and appliances in the country. The platform provides services in most major cities including Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, Hyderabad, Mumbai and Bengaluru. Currently, 1.5 Ton AC is available on this platform at a monthly rent of Rs.2250. The platform also asks for a security deposit, which will be returned after your rental period is over. You have to pay extra for installation.


FairRent is the best platform to rent air conditioners. Split and window ACs of different capacities are available for rent here. Rent for a 1.5 Ton Window AC on the platform starts from Rs 1575, while a 1.5 Ton Split AC can be brought home at a monthly rent of Rs 1350. The platform offers free installation. Rent includes free maintenance, installation etc.


This platform (Rentloco) is also a good platform for rent, from where you can bring home AC with laptop-gadgets, furniture, home appliances, etc. on rent. If you want to rent AC, then you have to rent it for at least three months. Apart from this, you have to pay a security deposit and installation charges.
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