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Ayushman Card Apply Online 2023 – Eligibility Criteria, Medical Coverage, and Benefits

Ayushman bharat yojana

Ayushman Card Apply Online 2023: In 2018, Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi announced the launch of the Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana (PMJAY) or Ayushman Bharat Yojana during his Independence Day speech. PMJAY is a flagship National Health Protection Scheme funded by the Government of India. It aims to provide health insurance coverage to underprivileged and economically vulnerable households in both rural and urban areas. This article will provide an overview of the PMJAY scheme, including its eligibility criteria and the registration process.

Scheme NameAyushman Bharat Yojana 2023
Initiated byPM Shree Narendra Modi
BenefitsHealth Benefits,
Free Medical Treatment,
Medical Treatment Insurance of up to Rs 5 lakh
EligibilityFamily Income must be less than Rs 5 Lakh per annum
Documents RequiredAadhar Card
Registered Mobile Number
Total Registered Applicants10 Crore +

The Government of India offers the Ayushman Card facility to address healthcare needs. This service falls under the Universal Health Coverage (UHC) provided by the government. It is worth mentioning that the Ayushman Card is also known as the Health Card. Through this scheme, individuals receive health insurance coverage of up to 5 lakhs.

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Ayushman Card Apply Online 2023

The Ayushman Bharat Yojana or PMJAY (Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana) is a government health insurance scheme launched by Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi in 2018. It is a National Health Protection Scheme that aims to provide health insurance coverage to economically vulnerable households in India. The scheme is funded by the Government of India and is designed to ensure accessible and affordable healthcare for all. (Ayushman Card Apply Online 2023)

Features, Pros & Cons of Ayushman Card

Health insurance coverageProvides financial protection against medical expensesLimited coverage of pre-existing diseases
Cashless healthcare servicesEasy access to medical treatments without immediate paymentLimited network of empaneled hospitals
Coverage for below-poverty-line familiesEnsures healthcare access for economically vulnerable householdsLack of awareness about the scheme among the target population
Establishment of health and wellness centersImproves primary healthcare infrastructureUnequal distribution of centers across rural and urban areas
Post-hospitalization expenses coveredReduces the financial burden on patientsLimited coverage duration for post-hospitalization expenses
Coverage for specific pre-existing diseasesOffers support for critical illnessesSome pre-existing conditions may not be covered
Family floater schemeCovers the entire family under a single policyLimited coverage for extended family members
Benefits for senior citizensSpecial provisions for elderly individualsLimited awareness and utilization among senior citizens
Simple registration processEasy and convenient enrollment for eligible individualsLack of access to registration facilities in remote areas
National portability of servicesAllows beneficiaries to seek treatment outside their home stateChallenges in coordinating and implementing portability effectively
Ayushman Card Apply Online 2023: Features, Pros & Cons
  • Family floater scheme: The PMJAY scheme provides coverage to the entire family (up to five members) on a floater basis. This means that the sum assured can be utilized by any family member in case of hospitalization.
  • Coverage for below-poverty-line families: PMJAY primarily targets families identified as below the poverty line (BPL) based on the Socio-Economic Caste Census (SECC) 2011 data.
  • Cashless healthcare services: Under the PMJAY scheme, eligible beneficiaries can avail cashless healthcare services at empaneled hospitals across India.
  • Coverage for specific pre-existing diseases: PMJAY covers expenses related to the treatment of specific pre-existing diseases as specified by the scheme guidelines.
  • Establishment of health and wellness centers: PMJAY aims to establish Health and Wellness Centers across the country to provide comprehensive primary healthcare services, including preventive, promotive, and curative care.

Benefits of Ayushman Card

5 Major Benifits of PMJAY: Ayushman Card Apply Online 2023
5 Major Benefits: Ayushman Card Apply Online 2023
  • Free healthcare services: PMJAY provides coverage for various medical treatments and procedures, including surgeries, therapies, and diagnostics, without any cost to the beneficiaries.
  • Coverage for a wide range of medical and surgical packages: The scheme covers a wide range of medical treatments, including cardiology, orthopedics, neurosurgery, oncology, and more.
  • Post-hospitalization expenses covered: PMJAY covers post-hospitalization expenses for up to 15 days, including follow-up consultations, medicines, and diagnostic tests.
  • Treatment cost coverage for oncology: PMJAY provides coverage for cancer treatment, including chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and surgical procedures.
  • Follow-up treatment coverage: The scheme also covers the cost of follow-up treatments and consultations for specified medical conditions.

Medical Coverage under Ayushman Bharat Yojana Scheme

PMJAY provides coverage for the following services:

  • Medical examination, treatment, and consultation fee
  • Pre-hospitalization and post-hospitalization expenses
  • Cost of medicine and medical consumables
  • Hospital accommodation charges
  • ICU and non-intensive services
  • Diagnostic procedures and medical implantation services

Who are not eligible for Ayushman Bharat Yojana Scheme

Certain individuals are not entitled to avail coverage under the Ayushman Bharat Yojana scheme. These include:

  • Vehicle owners
  • Government employees
  • Individuals with a monthly income above Rs 10,000
  • Ownership of farming machinery and equipment
  • Ownership of property and other assets

Eligibility Criteria for Rural and Urban People

The eligibility criteria for Ayushman Bharat Yojana differ for rural and urban individuals. The key criteria include:

  • SECC 2011 list and RSBY card holders
  • Rural eligibility criteria: Households without an adult male member between 16 and 59 years, disabled individuals, SC/ST households, and landless households.
  • Urban eligibility criteria: Street dwellers, rag pickers, domestic workers, and individuals working as street vendors, shopkeepers, or in other similar occupations.

Ayushman Card Apply Online 2023 : KYC Documents Required

To apply for the Ayushman Bharat Yojana scheme, you will need the following documents:

  1. Age and identity proof: Aadhaar card, voter ID card, passport, or any other valid government-issued identification document.
  2. Contact details: Mobile number and email address for communication.
  3. Caste certificate: For individuals belonging to reserved categories.
  4. Income certificate: To establish your economic status and eligibility.
  5. Document proof of family status: Relevant documents to establish the composition of your family.

How to Register for PMJAY Scheme Online?

To register for the PMJAY scheme online, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the official PMJAY website.
  2. Check your eligibility by clicking on the “Am I Eligible” tab on the website.
  3. Provide the necessary details as requested, such as your state, category, and details of your family members.
  4. Verify the information provided and submit the application.
  5. After submission, you will receive an application reference number for future correspondence. (Ayushman Card Apply Online 2023)

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Ayushman Card Apply Online 2023: Step-By-Step Guide

  1. To get an Ayushman card, you have to visit the National Health Authority website.
  2. After visiting the website, you have to click on the register option.
  3. As soon as you click on the register option, the registration form will open in front of you.
  4. You have to fill all the information given here.
  5. After filling your information properly, click on submit.
  6. After submitting the form you will have to do KYC.
  7. For this you have to go to the DO Your KYC link on the website.
  8. As soon as you go to this link, you will get the option of sign in. In this you have to enter your mobile number.
  9. You will get 6 digit OTP as soon as you enter the mobile number. After this verify by entering OTP.
  10. After OTP verification, you will be able to log in to the website.
  11. Now you have to fill the details asked on the portal.
  12. After the completion of the KYC process, you will be able to download your Ayushman card. For this again go to the main option and go to download.

How to Check Your Name in Ayushman Bharat Yojana Scheme List?

There are multiple methods to check if your name is listed under the Ayushman Bharat Yojana scheme:

  • Online method: Visit the official PMJAY website and click on the “Beneficiary Enrollment” or “Am I Eligible” section. Enter your details such as state, category, and mobile number to check if your name is listed.
  • Common Service Centers (CSC): Visit the nearest Common Service Center and provide your details to check if your name is listed.
  • Helpline number: Call the Ayushman Bharat Yojana helpline number and provide the required information to inquire about your enrollment status. (Ayushman Card Apply Online 2023)

Ayushman Card Hospital List

Ayushman Card Hospital List Haryana

Ayushman Card Hospital List Delhi

Ayushman Card Hospital List UP

Ayushman Card Hospital List Bihar

If you want to check the Ayushman Card Hospital List of Punjab, Tamil Nadu, Gujarat, Goa & other states simply visit here – PMJAY MAP

How to Download Your Ayushman Bharat Yojana Card Online?

To download your Ayushman Bharat Yojana card online, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the official PMJAY website.
  2. Navigate to the “Download” or “Download e-Card” section.
  3. Enter the required details, such as your application reference number, registered mobile number, or Aadhaar number.
  4. Follow the instructions provided to download and print your Ayushman Bharat Yojana card.

Ayushman Bharat Scheme Hospitalization Process

The hospitalization process under the Ayushman Bharat scheme involves the following steps:

  1. Role of Ayushman Mitra: Ayushman Mitras are stationed at empaneled hospitals to assist beneficiaries. They help with the admission process, verification of documents, and guiding beneficiaries through the scheme.
  2. Cashless hospitalization benefits: Present your Ayushman Bharat Yojana card and necessary documents at an empaneled hospital. The hospital will verify your eligibility and provide cashless treatment.
  3. PMJAY Patient Card Generation: Once you are admitted to the hospital, the Ayushman Mitra will generate a PMJAY patient card. This card will contain relevant details of your treatment and expenses covered under the scheme.

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Ayushman Bharat Yojana Announce DateSeptember 23, 2018
Link to Apply
All states Ayushman Bharat Hospital list under PMJAYClick Here
Ayushman Bharat Helpline Number+91-14555

Conclusion – Ayushman Bharat Yojana 2023

The PMJAY or Ayushman Bharat Yojana scheme is a significant initiative by the Government of India to provide health insurance coverage to economically vulnerable households. By understanding the scheme’s features, eligibility criteria, and registration process, individuals can avail the benefits of this scheme and ensure access to quality healthcare services without financial burden. (Ayushman Card Apply Online 2023)


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