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No need for Google Meet, now WhatsApp will allow screen sharing during video calling

The popular instant messaging platform WhatsApp is currently busy rolling out a bunch of new updates for its Windows version. One of the features will allow users to screen share during video calls. According to the latest report by WABetaInfo, the video calls screen-sharing feature of WhatsApp is currently available in beta version and will be rolled out for stable version soon. Notably, this feature is almost similar to the screen-sharing features of Microsoft Teams and Google Meet in terms of functionality.

WhatsApp’s feature tracking site WABetaInfo also reported that the screen-sharing feature will be available in the latest ‘WhatsApp for Windows beta version 2.2322.1.0’ (WhatsApp for Windows version 2.2322.1.0). Eligible beta-testers can download the update now from the Microsoft Store and have early access to the screen-sharing option after installing it on the device.

Incidentally, it was reported a few days ago that the screen sharing feature was seen in WhatsApp’s ‘Android Beta version’ (Android Beta version And once the beta testing is done, the feature will be rolled out to a larger number of users.

How WhatsApp Screen Sharing Feature Works?

WABetaInfo also shared a screenshot with their report. In which, how WhatsApp’s new screen sharing feature will work is shown. Reportedly, users will be able to share the content displayed on their device’s screen or a specific window with everyone connected to the call by selecting the corresponding option from the video call control panel. In this case, there will be no problem if the people connected to the call use mobile devices instead of the Windows version of WhatsApp.

It is also known that while using the screen-sharing feature, WhatsApp will be able to access all the information visible on the screen of the user’s device or played from the device. That means – access to sensitive information like passwords, payment details, photos, messages and any kind of audio playing in the background will go to the instant messaging app. In our opinion, this issue may cause insecurity for many WhatsApp users.

After all, the report notes that users will have full control over WhatsApp’s screen-sharing feature, just like other video conferencing apps. Simply put, if you ever want to stop sharing your device’s screen, you can do so at any time by clicking the “Stop Screen Sharing” button.



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