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No more fear of cheating, DoT is bringing a separate phone number for marketing calls, you can easily understand when the call comes

Not long ago, Telecom Regulatory Authority of India asked telcos to implement Caller Name Identification system, so that users can avoid spam and fraud calls. And recently the Government of India has approved the introduction of a separate number series for calls made for business purposes for the same reason.

According to reports, however, the 140 number series was allocated for commercial purposes some time ago. However, in future 140 may be reserved for marketing and 160/161 for service calls. Hopefully, this will enable customers to identify the true intent of the call they are receiving. And as a result of such steps, spam calls will also be reduced much more than before.

According to the report, DoT i.e. Department of Telecommunication has agreed to allocate a separate series for marketing calls. And it is expected that the Telecom Regulatory Authority will soon issue an order in this regard.

Since fraudsters are no longer able to opt for SMS as a means of fraud after the introduction of blockchain based filtering systems by telecom operators, the possibility of fraud through voice calls is on the rise in India. That is why assigning separate number series has become very important. As a result, users can understand the purpose of the call just by looking at the number and spam calls in India will be greatly reduced.

Team NaxonTech
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