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Monsoon Car Care Tips: How to take care of your car in Monsoon, here are the top 5 tips

Special attention should be paid to car and bike care during monsoons as compared to other times of the year. Here are some tips on how to take care of your beloved two-wheelers and four-wheelers during the rainy season.

'Remal' is rampant in the coastal areas of the state. The influence of which still remains more or less. However, this cyclone brought down the warmth in one fell swoop. At the same time Remal gave his feelings before the monsoon. However, according to meteorologists, monsoon is not too late. But car and bike users get fever when they hear the name of Monsoon. The main reason for this is that the vehicles are the most dirty during this time. How to take care of a car or bike to keep them in good condition is a question of lakhs of rupees. If you also have thousands of questions about maintaining your car in such monsoons, then keep an eye on the end of this report. Here are 5 tips to help you out.

1. Clean and dry

Car or bike exterior needs special care during rainy season. Otherwise, the luster of the body may decrease. Wash the body of the vehicle thoroughly with clean water to remove any dirt. What to do next is very important. Wipe the car's exterior and wheels with a dry towel. Water should not stick anywhere.

2. Electronic components are not exposed

There is one more thing to watch out for in monsoon clouds. During this time no electronic parts of the car or bike should be exposed. Contact with water may cause short circuit. Silicone spray or coating should be used on battery terminals, spark plugs and other electrical connections to prevent damage.

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3. Take care of the tires

Tires are a particularly sensitive part of the vehicle. Because the car or bike moves forward with the weight of these tires throughout the year. Tire tread depth has a special effect on wet roads. It is also important to keep the air size right. If there is any crack or crack in the tire, repair it immediately.

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4. Take care to maintain color shine

If the car or bike is soaked in rain for a long time, the luster of the car or bike can be seen to decrease. A wax or sealer is great to prevent this from happening. This ensures that rainwater does not have a direct effect on the car's paint. Again, water repellent coating can be used on the windshield or glass to facilitate driving in rain.

5. Perform brake and suspension maintenance

Brakepads, discs and suspension parts should be thoroughly checked to ensure that there are no problems with the car during hearing. Replace it immediately if there is a problem. Otherwise there may be trouble. Lubricant or grease can be used to keep the suspension parts in good condition. It will make the car run smoothly.

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