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Maruti Suzuki Tour: Ola-Uber demand surges, Maruti breaks record of selling 5 lakh taxis

Maruti Suzuki has a strong presence in the Indian passenger car market. Be it for personal use or commercial use, their models are always in demand. Their portfolio in the business segment includes the Tour range. This time, the company announced the milestone of selling 5,00,000 units of this range of commercial vehicles.

Maruti Suzuki Tour sold 5 lakh units

It is based on the platform of cars sold under Maruti’s Arena series. More specifically, the Tour H1 is built on the platform of the company’s hatchback model Alto K10. Whereas the Tour H3 is built on the same architecture as the WagonR. Tour S, Tour M and Tour V are based on the platform of Dzire, Ertiga and Eeco respectively.

The Tour range of models are suited to meet every requirement in the commercial sector. App cab companies like Ola, Uber use Maruti’s Tour. Cars can be optioned with factory fitted CNG kit. It reduces the cost of movement. Again these can be purchased under Maruti Suzuki’s Smart Finance programme. As a result, the car rental can be paid off.

Shashank Srivastava, Senior Executive Officer, Maruti Suzuki said, “Our Touring range of vehicles is part of the business motivation of many people today. They act as trusted companions on the road to success.” According to him, these vehicles have significant features, which comply with government regulations. Again the CNG powertrain reduces the cost of the journey.



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