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Marketing Experts Announce Partnership to Study Gambling Behaviour in India

Two respected marketing organisations have teamed up to conduct an extensive research study into gambling behaviour in India.

ENV Media has announced it will work alongside Ken Research to conduct surveys and produce case studies which offer insights into Indian gambling behaviour.

Founded in 2018, ENV Media are a performance-based marketing agency who specialise in the iGaming industry in several jurisdictions worldwide.

They have previously conducted extensive work in Asia and Latin America, helping to lay the foundations for online gambling companies to leverage new opportunities in numerous countries.

Their link up with Ken is undoubtedly an exciting development for operators aiming to gain a foothold in India, which is widely viewed as being ripe for development.

Ken, a research-based management consulting company, boasts a plethora of marketing knowledge garnered with iGaming businesses in Asia and the Middle East.

Their familiarity with the latter market could be extremely useful in guiding the Indian project, particularly with regards to licensing, regulation and taxation.

Several Middle East nations are in the midst of formalising structured gambling frameworks, which has opened the door for Haz Casino and others to welcome Arabic players.

This work will allow other iGaming operators to jump on the bandwagon, which should boost the Middle East’s chances of becoming a major player in the global online gambling industry.

While the Middle East is powering forward with its bid to rival Europe and the United States in this sector, there are still plenty of challenges to overcome in India.

The regulatory landscape across the country is currently in state of flux, with the union government allowing state-level administrators to set their own laws.

India recently imposed a 28% goods and service tax for online gaming, casinos and horse racing, which may have a significant impact on the growth of the sector.

The collaboration between ENV Media and Ken Research will seek to analyse the demand for gambling in India and player behaviour.

The year-long study will deliver crucial insights regarding the Indian gambling market, allowing operators to identify the key areas for growth.

ENV Media’s Head of Research, Svilen Madjov, said: “We need to expand our expertise and authority in the gaming vertical through primary insights into user traits, product demand and market dynamics.

“This will enable us to deliver even more reliable high-quality support to gaming stakeholders.”

Madjov’s counterpart at Ken Research, Namit Goel, believes the two firms’ combined iGaming expertise will help to ensure the project delivers on its stated aims.

“This partnership brings together our market research expertise and their innovative marketing strategy and the synergy will provide actionable insights for the iGaming industry,” Goel said.

“Our deep understanding of consumer behaviour will support ENV’s data-driven approach and deliver systematic market intelligence, empowering the online gaming vertical.

“This kind of output will unlock new opportunities, enhance customer experiences and shape the future of a rapidly evolving industry.”



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