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Looking for a cheap new Smart TV? Two models of 43 inch and 32 inch size came to the market

Domestic electronics brand Elista has launched two new smart TVs in India – Elista LED-SF43EBA88 and LED-SH32EBA86. These two televisions offer 43-inch and 32-inch display sizes respectively. Both models are powered by the company's own Coolita operating system. And this OS TV will allow access to content on multiple over-the-top or OTT platforms. Smart TVs also come with features like 20-watt sound system, octa-core processor, screen mirroring, Wi-Fi connectivity. Let's know in detail the price, availability and specifications of Elista LED-SF43EBA88 and LED-SH32EBA86.

Elista LED-SF43EBA88 and LED-SH32EBA86 Smart TV Price and Availability in India

The 43-inch display size Elista LED-SF43EBA88 model can be bought for Tk 35,999 in the market of this country. On the other hand, the Elista LED-SH32EBA86 Smart TV, which comes with a smaller 32-inch display, is priced at Tk 17,990.

For those interested, both the models can be purchased through Elista's over 15,000 retail stores across India. Again, if you want to buy devices online, you can venture into e-commerce platforms. The company is offering 1 year warranty with these two latest TVs.

Specifications of Elista LED-SF43EBA88 and LED-SH32EBA86 Smart TVs

The Elista LED-SF43EBA88 model comes with a 43-inch display, which offers Full HD resolution. Elista LED-SH32EBA86 model has a 32-inch display panel, which supports HD resolution. Both the models have Octa-core processor for better performance. They will be available with 4 GB storage and 512 MB RAM. Moreover, both the TVs have a 20-watt audio setup. Connectivity is also included – WiFi, two HDMI ports, two USB ports, an AV-in, a 3.5mm audio jack, and an RJ45 slot.

The latest two smart televisions from the Elista brand are powered by the company's proprietary Kulita OS. This operating system comes with a content aggregator, which provides a simple interface as well as access to content such as TV shows, movies, etc. through the OTT platform. In this case, on the new TVs you can manage apps like – Prime Video, Sony Live, G5, YouTube, Plex and Eros Now. Also, talking about smart features, Elista LED-SF43EBA88 and LED-SH32EBA86 models have notable features like web browser, app store, screen mirroring.



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