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Komaki: Indian company has launched an electric scooter with special features to run on the roads of Bangladesh

Electric two-wheeler brands in India are now aiming to expand their business in overseas markets as well. For example, two-wheeler electric vehicle maker Komaki has announced its entry into the markets of Nepal and Bangladesh across India. This is the first time they are going to experience doing business outside the country. Komaki has reportedly launched the e-scooter by opening two showrooms in Nepal and Bangladesh. The domestic company has even shown interest in expanding its business to SAARC countries in the future.

Komaki has opened showrooms in Nepal and Bangladesh

Komaki has a strong presence in India’s second and third tier urban areas. Currently they have more than 500 dealerships in this country. Therefore, Komaki is optimistic about receiving a large response from buyers in the markets of Nepal and Bangladesh. They said their electric two-wheelers with LFP batteries and anti-skid technology are ideal for plying on roads in Nepal and Bangladesh.

Commenting on the business expansion, Gunjan Malhotra, Director, Komaki Electric Division, said, “Our aim has always been to create cutting-edge and eco-friendly electric vehicles at affordable prices. So that common people get a chance to use them. Delivering world-class EV models have won appreciation from Indian buyers. Expect similar response from SAARC countries in future.” The company is targeting Sri Lanka and Bhutan markets as the next step in business expansion, he added.

Incidentally, Komaki started selling electric two-wheelers in India in May 2020. At present 39,000 to 43,000 units of two wheelers are produced in their factories annually. It is built on two acres of land. Recently, the company has opened a total of 20 showrooms in this country in one month. Currently they sell both slow and high speed electric scooters.



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