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Is the bike engine overheating? Big money shock if not aware of these 3 things

In this intense heat, the motorcycle engine may overheat and accidents may occur. So the report has some tips that will prevent overheating of the engine and extend its life.

India is famous for extreme weather conditions. Current temperatures are touching 50 degrees Celsius in some northern states of the country. In this unbearable demand, a question naturally arises in the minds of motorcycle users. That is, how can the bike engine be kept good in such heat or what is the way to prevent overheating? Because overheating shortens the life of the engine. But nowadays the bike engine is of liquid cooled technology. which prevents overheating. But in spite of this, the eyes of summer are not spared. Then this report is about how the engine will be good.

Check the radiator, coolant and fan

Liquid cooled engines have radiators and coolant, which help dissipate excess heat. There is also a fan to reduce the excess heat. When these three parts work together properly, the engine is protected from overheating. If there is a problem, the engine will continue to overheat.

It is important to check the coolant condition at regular intervals to prevent the engine from overheating. If any problem occurs, discard the coolant and refill. Just make sure that no air bubbles remain. Then there may be trouble. Always use high quality coolant.

Also checked are the radiator and fan. Check the radiator for leaks. If any fault is found, be sure to have the radiator repaired by a qualified technician. If the situation is complicated, it is advisable to change it. Also check the fan. If there is any problem with the thermostat switch, replace it.

Change the engine oil at regular intervals

Engine oil plays a very important role in keeping the engine healthy. It even prevents overheating. So it is important to change it periodically. Fill with good quality engine oil.

Ride responsibly

Bike should be ridden at own risk to avoid engine overheating. Change gears before the bike reaches its maximum speed in each gear. This will protect the engine from overheating. Along with this, the health of the engine and clutch will also be good.



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