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Bad news for Samsung phone buyers, self-service service is shutting down

The partnership between Samsung and iFixit is coming to an end! What will happen to the buyers?

No one likes to go to the service center for a minor problem with the phone. In such a situation, Samsung announced the 'self repair program' (self repair program) so that customers can repair their devices at home. The South Korean tech giant has joined hands with iFixit, a popular online gadget repair community and guide, to provide spare parts and tools under this program. For the past two years, the 'Samsung Repair Hub' project, a joint initiative of both the companies, has been going well. But in Halfil, both companies shared a post on their websites and social media. Which is a clear indication that Samsung and iFixit are ending their partnership.

In this regard iFixit commented, “Our goal was to set high-standards for repair documentation. At the same time providing necessary equipment and tools to keep the Galaxy series of devices running. For this we take help from local and independent repair shops. So that they also succeed commercially.”

In contrast, iFixit claimed that Samsung was reluctant to seek help from local repair shops. Due to which the company was not able to meet its goal of helping local small-medium repair parts supply stores. As a result, iFixit was forced to supply spare parts and tools at high prices. Furthermore, the tech giant was also failing to provide certified parts for the next lineups of the Samsung Galaxy S22 series. As a result, iFixit has decided to end its two-year partnership with Samsung.

It is clear from Samsung's post that the two companies have completely different views on device repair. The tech giant said – “We provide high-quality, accessible device care services with flexible options tailored to our customers' needs. In this case, services like Walk in, Mail in and 'We come to you' are provided under Device Care. For those who wish to take advantage of our self-repair program, Samsung-certified parts, tools, etc. for eligible products are offered through SamsungParts.com, Encompass. We are proud to have worked with iFixit for the self repair program for so long. However, we cannot comment on the future of this partnership at this time.”

What happens when iFixit and Samsung's partnership ends?

  • Starting next June, iFixit will no longer provide Samsung-designated third-party parts and tools.
  • iFixit was limited to selling a maximum of seven Samsung parts per quarter through partner repair shops, starting in June.
  • Any existing information will not be deleted from iFixit's database. However, the company will no longer collaborate directly with Samsung to develop new manuals.
  • iFixit will continue to sell parts and repair fix kits for Samsung devices going forward. But it all depends on OEM parts availability. It will also clearly state whether the parts are company authorized or after-market. Just like it does for Apple devices.



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