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Instead of petrol, the scooter will run on gas, both costs and pollution will be reduced, the company came up with a big surprise

‘Hydrogen’ gas could become the trump card to make transport systems environment-friendly. Currently, hydrogen fuel cell powered vehicles have become one of the topics of practice. Adding a new dimension to that discussion recently was the hydrogen-powered prototype scooter showcased at the Bharat Mobility Expo by Joy e-bike, a division of WardWizard Innovations and Mobility. Apart from this, the company has also unveiled a high-speed electric scooter.

Joy e-bike is only hydrogen powered e-scooter

Various companies presented their best technologies on the stage. Joy E-Bike has also entered the list. According to WordWizard, hydrogen fuel cell and electrolyzer technology will lead the way in the future as a complement to cell chemistry. According to the company, hydrogen technology is very effective in developing an environmentally friendly transportation system.

In this context, Jatin Gupte, Chairman and Managing Director of WordWizard Mobility said, “Joy e-Bike is committed to developing technology-friendly transportation system. Our model has world-class technology.” Please note that the hydrogen fuel cell powered e-scooter is currently in the research and development stage. As a result, the official launch is very late.

On the other hand, WordWizard recently tied up with A&S Power. Their goal is to build lithium-ion and GAJA cells. Apart from the concept, the company has also taken the wraps off its existing high- and low-speed two-wheelers. An electric three wheeler named Joy e-rik has been unveiled.

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