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If you know these 5 tricks, the car will be fit even in the rain

Rainfall has reached its peak in most parts of India under the influence of the monsoon axis, but in a few weeks, the monsoon season will officially end like this year. Just as we told you various tricks to keep your car in good shape at the beginning of the monsoon, you need special care after the monsoon ends. A month and a half of continuous road water, mud, rain, high humidity, water vapor all these things are stuck on every part of the car, may create various problems in the future. Not only can this reduce the performance of your hobby four wheeler, but it can also lead to wear and tear on various components.

All in all, this rainy season is like a nightmare for every car owner. Rainfall is essential to maintain the natural balance but many problems arise for cars but only during this period. Let’s take a look at how car care needs to be done after monsoons.

Car Care After Monsoon

Clean the exterior

Due to the waterlogged roads and heavy rains in our country, it is very common to get thick mud stains on various parts of the exterior of the car. So first of all it is necessary to thoroughly clean the car body panels, the area around the wheels and even the underside of the car bonnet with water. A good quality car shampoo can help with this task. Which is easily available for purchase on various e-commerce sites. After cleaning with shampoo these parts should be dried completely. Finally, to keep the color of the car intact, wax polish should be applied on it.

Taking care of rusted areas

The biggest enemy in rainy days is rust. The various metal parts of the car are easily exposed to water and air to rust. If you don’t take care of this from the beginning, the metal parts of the car may corrode without your knowledge in the future. That’s why special care should be taken for all these rusted parts as soon as the rainy days pass. Anti-rust sprays are available in the market. By applying them, it is possible to stop the corrosion of rust for a long time.

Caring for tires

Taking care of the tires is very important in the routine maintenance of the car. Just like summer or winter, car tires are damaged a lot during rainy season. In fact, this tire has to handle the impact of road dust, potholes, water, mud. And that’s why the tire keeps getting damaged little by little. As soon as the monsoon season ends, take a good look at the condition of your car tires. If the rubber part of the tire and the grooved holes on it come down, the performance will definitely suffer. Even the possibility of accidents due to reduced frictional force is not new. Replace old tires if necessary.

Keeping the cabin clean

Like the exterior of the car, the interior of the cabin is also subject to this natural calamity during monsoons. On the interior floor of the cabin or on the seats, watery parts, mud accumulates during monsoon days. As a result, the interior of the cabin becomes quite damp. That’s why the area around the seats, the cabin floor, the carpet should be completely cleaned with the help of a vacuum cleaner as soon as the rain subsides. If necessary, all the seats may need to be removed and cleaned by taking them to the car parlor. Also, you must use a dehumidifier to keep the car’s interior fresh and free of water vapor.

Testing electrical equipment

The electronic parts of the car are often damaged on rainy days. One of the main reasons for this is excess air humidity and rain water droplets. In today’s battery-powered cars, the use of electrical equipment is much greater, so more caution is required. As soon as the rain ends, check whether the car’s lighting system such as headlights, tail lights, fog lights, brake lights are working properly. Their use is essential for safe driving on the roads. Another issue is the car battery. It is better to check if the two terminals of the battery are working properly. If necessary, the terminals of the battery should be cleaned with the help of a special brush.



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