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Holiday of smartwatches, Samsung brings Galaxy Ring, take care of your health

Samsung recently released a beta version of its health app, hinting at the possible launch of a smart ring called the ‘Galaxy Ring’. This version of the app includes a “Feature List” option, where “Ring Support” is mentioned. However, nothing special is known about this feature yet. And whether “Ring Support” refers to Samsung’s own Galaxy Ring, or smart rings made by other manufacturers, is still unclear.

Incidentally, according to a report in February, Samsung is working on a device called the Galaxy Ring for health-tracking purposes. For this reason, the company also files a trademark with the Korea Intellectual Property Rights Information Service (KIPRIS). The Galaxy Ring’s product description describes it as a “health indicator or sleep monitoring smart device.”

When the Galaxy Ring hits the market, it is expected to monitor the wearer’s health and track physical activity like a smartwatch. Also, it is expected to provide a more discreet and convenient way for users to track health metrics.

Already Samsung’s Health application is widely used for tracking and monitoring health-related data. Through this, heart rate, sleep patterns and exercise activities are known.

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