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Hero Maxi Scooter: Hero is going to launch the first maxi-scooter in terms of form and quality

Hero MotoCorp is mainly known for commuter motorcycles. Models like the Splendor contribute the bulk of their sales. But keeping pace with the current era, Hero has set its sights on the premium segment. They are preparing to bring expensive and hi-tech motorcycles and scooters. As the company is going to bring their first maxi scooter in the market this time. They have also filed a patent for the design. However, Hero has not yet officially announced anything about this new flagship model.

Hero MotoCorp’s maxi scooter design leaked

110 and 125 cc models are currently available in Hero’s scooter list. These include Xoom, Pleasure, Maestro Edge and Destiny. The upcoming model is expected to come in the 125cc segment. In that case it will compete with the Suzuki Burgman Street 125. But if the maxi scooter is given a 150-160 cc engine, then Yamaha Aerox will be the opponent.

Hero Maxi Scooter: Hero is going to launch the first maxi-scooter in terms of form and quality

FYI, maxi scooters in developed countries are usually powered by larger engines. But in the Indian market, the market for maxi scooters with low power is more. This type of scooter is popular in Southeast Asia. According to the leaked design, Hero’s maxi scooter will have eye-catching sporty styling. The images show tall apron with twin headlamps, large alloy wheels, step up single seat, telescopic front fork and twin rear shocks, and swingarm mounted engine.

If Hero does in fact launch such a premium maxi scooter, it will respond in markets across the world, including India. However, filing a patent does not necessarily mean that it will come to market. Even if it is launched, it will take a lot of time for Hero. Meanwhile the Xtreme 160R 4V has just entered the market. Karizma XMR 210 may come as the next model.

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