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Realme under government watch, accused of stealthy data theft, turn off these settings

Now smartphones are connected with every minute of our life. As a result, on the one hand, as various tasks are performed through this small electronic device, various types of data are stored in it. Due to this, now comes the topic of being careful of multiple unexpected dangers like smartphone hacking, malware attacks. Even now, there are repeated fears about user data leaks. In that case, Realme has raised the question of whether your smartphone data is safe! Allegations that Chinese companies are providing user data to their own countries have surfaced in recent years around the world. But a tweet by Halfil has caused quite a stir on the net, as it has accused the increasingly popular smartphone company Realme of stealing user data.

Realme is stealing user data? Know the whole incident

Recently, a Twitter user named Rishi Bagri expressed concern about a feature called ‘Enhanced Intelligent Services’ in Realme smartphones that collects device information, app usage statistics and other user data. According to Bagri’s tweet, the feature is ‘On’ by default and captures data such as call logs, SMS, location etc. as user data; Open the device’s Settings app and go to the ‘System Service’ section to get this information. It is alleged that Indian smartphone users are kept in the dark with this feature to share their data without their consent. Being a mandatory or default feature, it cannot be turned off or disabled in any way.

The viral tweet caught the eyes of the Union Minister

Bagri’s tweet further highlighted the possibility that Realme could use the user data collected through the ‘Enhanced Intelligent Services’ feature to send to China. And this tweet caught the attention of Union Minister of State for Information Technology Rajiv Chandrasekhar, who promised to investigate the matter. In that case, it can be said that after Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo, Realmeo is going to fall under the government’s eyes.

Incidentally, several platforms testing the new Realme 11 Pro+ device found Bagri’s suggested Enhanced Intelligent Services feature enabled by default; However, they are yet to respond to the allegations leveled against the company. But the thing is, Realme’s phones aren’t the only ones with such a feature, virtually all phones from Realme’s owner BBK Electronics have the same feature.

Samsung is guilty of the same

Note that a similar feature called ‘Send Diagnostic Data’ is also enabled by default on Samsung Galaxy phones. In that case, it can be concluded that non-Chinese smartphone brands also collect user data But the difficulty is that it is not clear what the organizations intend to do with the collected data, so it is an urgent duty for them to provide transparency in the future.

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