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This is why the phone is not getting hot? Learn how to keep cool

All of our smartphones get hot more or less. However, some complain that the phone heats up excessively. And they are not even aware of the reason. If you are also facing the problem of smartphone overheating and worried about solving this problem, then this report is for you. Here we will tell you several ways to solve the problem of phone overheating.

Reasons why the phone heats up

Exposing the phone to hot weather or direct sunlight increases its temperature. As a result it may become hot.

A smartphone usually generates heat even while charging. Especially when using a fast charger to charge, or using an app to charge. Also, using a low-quality charger can cause the phone to heat up.

Sometimes the heat cannot escape for the mobile cover. As a result, the ventilation of the phone is not done properly. That’s why the phone heats up quickly. Not only for the mobile cover, the phone can get hot if the internal heat of the phone is not properly vented out.

When one uses the phone for tasks like gaming, video streaming, video editing, running resource intensive apps, the device gets more strained. And this pressure generates extra heat and thus the mobile heats up.

Also hardware issues and processor malfunctions can cause the phone to overheat. Also, some apps keep running in the background even when the device is not in use and it consumes the phone’s CPU at that time, causing the device to overheat.

Also if your smartphone gets very old, it can also generate excess heat. If your smartphone is 2 to 3 years old, and its performance has decreased, then you should change your phone immediately.

How do you keep your phone cool?

Using multiple apps simultaneously puts stress on the phone’s processor and GPO, meaning gaming, video streaming or running more apps at the same time generates a lot of heat in the phone. So avoid using multiple apps to keep the phone cool.

If your phone overheats every day then there is a possibility of internal damage. And to solve this problem you need to go to the nearest retail store of the smartphone company. Although it might cost you quite a bit to get there, the amount will depend on the condition of your phone.

Smartphone manufacturing companies provide regular software updates. And keeping this software up-to-date optimizes the performance of the device and also fixes various bugs and other issues. As a result, the possibility of overheating of the handset is reduced.

Try to keep the phone away from high temperature or direct sunlight. Also, you need to choose the right mobile cover so that the ventilation of the phone is done properly.

Always use the charger provided by the company. Because it does not damage any internal components of the device. And every company sells their own charger or bundles it with the phone. So while charging it should be checked carefully whether it is suitable for the phone. For example, if your phone supports 30W charging, and you use 100W fast charging, your phone may be damaged.

Special Note: If your phone gets hot, avoid placing it in the refrigerator or freezer. Doing so may damage the internal components of the device.

Mayank Gupta
Mayank Gupta
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