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Good news for Apple iPhone lovers, the phone can work under water and take photos

Apple products are increasing in popularity and demand. The company adds new features to each of its iPhone series. And as a result, despite being expensive, iPhone has a special place in the minds of all buyers. Recently, this technology company published new patent of iPhone. It is mentioned that the underwater mode may be used in Apple iPhone devices in the coming days. As a result, the phone will remain active even if submerged in water and its touch screen and camera will work even after reaching a depth of 40 meters.

What is known from Apple’s patent?

The patent shows an iPhone interface designed specifically for use underwater. We know icons can’t be handled when iPhone gets water. Again many times the OS doesn’t work properly. So to solve all these problems Apple started thinking of using “underwater user interface”.

The new interface will make buttons bigger, menus smaller. Also, relying on hardware switches like volume control will make iOS easier.

How will the iPhone work under water?

Future iPhones will allow the camera app to zoom in and zoom out using the volume button instead of the pinch gesture. Also, it will be possible to operate the power button without touching the screen. According to the company, the device does not work properly when swiping and tapping underwater. So their new patent aims to make the iPhone faster and easier to use underwater.

Note that none of the currently available iPhones can be used in water deeper than one meter. But, the Apple Watch Ultra is capable of working up to a depth of 40 meters.

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