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The wait is over, the special design Xiaomi MIX Flip is coming to the market this time, it will have this Snapdragon processor

Popular brand Xiaomi is currently gearing up to launch their ‘first ever’ clamshell style foldable phone MIX Flip. Various information about this device has already surfaced. Today again, the information regarding the processor variant along with the model number of Xiaomi MIX Flip has come to the public. We also got to know about its availability and launch time.

Before the official launch, Xiaomi MIX Flip foldable smartphone features have been leaked

Notably, Xiaomi is working on the Mix Flip model from the first half of 2021. But sometimes this work is stopped. Last year there were whispers that the company was working on another new device. In this case, many tech analysts speculated that the upcoming model might be MIX Fold 4. But some recent reports indicate that the Mix Flip model is going to be launched in 2024 rather than the Mix Fold 4. However, no specific launch date has been announced by the company yet. However, the device is expected to make its official debut in May.

As mentioned earlier, some information regarding the features of the Xiaomi MIX Flip phone has been leaked online. Reportedly, it will come with “2405CPX3DG / 2405CPX3DC” model number and “ruyi” codename. Again this phone will carry “N8” internal number. Because Xiaomi has assigned the number “8” to their MIX-series devices.

Talking about the (probable) features, the Xiaomi MIX Flip phone is likely to be powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 processor. Its back panel is likely to have a dual-camera setup. This can house a relatively small secondary display just below the camera module. At least that’s what it looks like in a newly released render. However, the information cannot be confirmed as it is not officially rendered.

Incidentally, according to a recent report, the Xiaomi MIX Flip flagship will be made available in multiple regional markets, including Turkey. But it is claimed that it will not come in India. It is not possible to say whether this news is true or not. However, we expect to get proper news on this matter after the launch of this device in May



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