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The ten most sold phones in the world, which model of Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi in the list?

After 13 long years, the crown of the winner was on Apple’s head! According to the report, Tim Cook’s company has been named the ‘Top Smartphone Brand of 2023’ after nearly a decade and a half beating Samsung. This information comes from a report by research firm Canalys. In one of its latest reports, the company has listed the top 10 best-selling smartphones last year. In this case, 7 of the 10 models listed are from Apple. The remaining 3 handsets are of Samsung brand. In other words, no other company could make it to this list except the two tech giants of America and South Korea.

Apple has sold the most smartphones in 2023

According to a report by Canalys, the Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max model was the best-selling smartphone worldwide in 2022. It has sold a total of 34 million (about 3.4 crore) units in 2023. In second place is the latest launch iPhone 15 Pro Max. Its 33 million (about 3.3 crore) units have been exported to various regional markets around the world. The third place was occupied by the standard iPhone 14 model with 29 million (about 2.9 crore) shipments. Meanwhile, the higher-end iPhone 14 Pro (29 million / 2.9 million units) and the two-year-old iPhone 13 (23 million / 2.3 million units) models are ranked fourth and fifth respectively in the list of best-selling handsets.

The top five phones in the list are all from Apple. However, Samsung has stepped in, the details of which will be discussed later. Seventh on the list is the iPhone 15 Pro, with 21 million (about 2.1 crore) units sold worldwide. Again, 17 million (about 1.7 crore) units of the standard iPhone 15 model were ordered last year. It is ranked 10th.

As we said earlier, only three smartphones of the South Korea-based tech giant made it to this list. Notably, each model belongs to the brand’s Galaxy A-series. For example, Samsung Galaxy A14 4G is in sixth position with 21 million units sold. Besides, Galaxy A54 5G (20 million / 2.0 crore units) and Galaxy A14 5G (19 million units / 1.9 crore units) handsets have occupied the eighth and ninth place respectively.

Surprisingly, well-known brands like OnePlus, Xiaomi, Vivo did not make a single place in the list of ‘Best Selling Smartphones in 2023’.

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