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The reasons why this Galaxy series smartphone must be bought, Samsung explained by points

Samsung Galaxy Note series was once quite popular among smartphone users. However, the South Korean company has discontinued their series for several years. The last Note series model was launched almost four years ago, in August 2020. But still Samsung fans have not forgotten their beloved Note phones. Samsung recently told its customers in a press release that the new Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra should be chosen as an upgrade to the Galaxy Note 20 for a number of reasons. Shadows of the Galaxy Note series can be seen in the Galaxy S Ultra flagships and Samsung has always highlighted that. The company is trying to upgrade the remaining Galaxy Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra users to the Galaxy S Ultra The company has presented some points why the Galaxy S24 Ultra is a good note device.

Why choose the Galaxy S24 Ultra as an upgrade to the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 series?

The South Korean company believes that the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra is a good note phone for several reasons. The first is a more advanced S Pen stylus experience with an improved display. The duo reduces latency by 68% compared to the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. Also, the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra has a brighter 2,600 nits peak brightness screen with Vision Booster. It also has a flat design, which works better with the S Pen.

Second, the new Samsung Galaxy S24 series powered by One UI 6.1 features an improved Samsung Notes app, which is now enhanced with an AI-powered note assist tool. With which, users can easily summarize, auto-format, translate and proofread documents and text easily.

In addition, the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra has exclusive AI features like Circle to Search, Live Translate, Chat Assist and Transcript Assist, all of which can help users with productivity. None of these features are likely to ever come to the Galaxy Note 20 series, as it will no longer support the new One UI update.

Third, Galaxy Note 20 or Galaxy Note 20 Ultra users should upgrade to the latest Galaxy S24 Ultra if they want performance and camera improvements. Because, the new S-series model has a powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chipset, which offers better cooling and much improved performance in mobile games and ray-traced graphics.

As for the camera, the Galaxy S24 Ultra offers improved zoom thanks to the new 50-megapixel 5x camera, which also allows for better night photography. Finally, as an added bonus, the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra will get Generative Edit, a new tool in the Gallery app. It is really very useful and can provide incredible output when working to its best potential.

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